Outward Healthy Practices

When most people hear the word healthy practices, they go about thinking you must eat well, rest well, exercise daily and so on. Even though they are important and useful, I am not here to talk about that. The reason I’m here today is to talk about our outward healthy practices. Outward meaning what people can see. Because in reality, life is more than just the steps you take to stay healthy, it is all encompassing. You can eat all you like, rest all you like and keep fit, but without a proper outward hygiene it might amount to little.

Taking care of your outward for healthy living

The first outward practice we will talk about is your nails. Yes, your nails, in this era where everyone fixes their nails to whatever colour, shape and length they desire, the original and natural nails are usually forgotten. Everyone focuses on the beauty and creativity attached to it. But when last did you go under your nails to check out how clean it is or how well trimmed it is. I guess it has not happened recently. So add it to your daily routine. After doing your morning exercise or daily yoga, seat for a few minutes and clean the nails even if your nails are currently fixed.
The second I will talk about is your hair. The hair is just like the nails, because of the introduction of wigs everywhere. It seems like wigs are being made every day in different shapes, styles, lengths and are designed to catch your attention. The amazing thing is that these wigs are made to look real so you go months wearing the wig of your choice and forget to take care of your natural hair.
All you do is change the way you park it to fit your wig and then forget about it for month, thus preventing its growth, shine and silkiness.

Maintain good physical appearance

The world is evolving each day to make life easier, but you must not forget about your real self before all these other things were added. Ensure you take care of yourself, maintain good environmental hygiene. Remember your body is your pride, maintain a good physical appearance and make it a priority

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