Security Challenges

Every country has their own share of terrorism. I have heard people say that they want to leave their countries because it is not safe. They believe that other nations are doing better than their own countries. Is that really true? There are a lot of security challenges that are not being said on the news, some are not even reported in the first place. Every nation is facing its own share of insecurities and terrorism with some nations experiencing it more than the others. And at different times of the year, there is usually a rise in the level of violence in each country.

Security and the nations of the world

The whole world is currently at a point where the leaders of nations are looking for new ways to protect their citizens from every type of security challenge. The truth is these security challenges are not just physical challenges, there are also different types of insecurities with their end result being death of the citizens. These security issues come in different forms. The rate at which crimes are being perpetuated across countries and continents is on the increase. Every day, criminals seem to be finding new ways to extort and dupe people of their resources.

Forms of security challenge

These security challenges can be classified into three major groups
Natural threats: this can also be referred to as environmental threats because it deals with the environment and geographical locations. Such as the melting of glaciers, pollutions and the likes
Societal threats: these deal with the economy, religion, education, politics etc. Basically what keeps the society running smoothly.
Criminal threats: these are the threats that most people are familiar with and this is usually the first mention when it comes to security.
At the end of the day, it all boils down to leaders of nations looking for active ways to protect their citizens.