Things to Note When Housing People

In reality, it is not everyone that is open to having a house guest or friends that like to sleep over. Some people just want to be alone, not alone in terms of emotions and shutting everyone out. All they want is their privacy and their space and they go any lent to get the place of their choice.
While on the other hand, some people cannot just live alone. They don’t mind accommodating people into their space, those are the people that will be available for sleep overs, nights out, weekend parties etc.
If you are at that bridge where you have to house someone for a long period of time, don’t because of sentiments accommodate just anybody and live the next few months in misery.

Some important things to note when housing people

These are especially for the quiet people.
Get someone of the same or similar believes with you.
Get someone of similar values as you. Some one that will encourage you and even show you new ways to. A companion that will uphold your values.
Someone that thinks like you, someone that vibes with you on the same frequency and some people say this as someone you can relate with
Someone you can respect. The person should be able to advise you on certain things and your safety would be sure if you follow the advice.

Remember you need a companion

Another important thing to note is that everyone needs a friend, a companion, someone they can rely on. So do all you can to have that person in your life.
You can also decide to stretch by going out of your way to accommodate someone that can pull you out of your comfort zone and bring out another side of you. You will be shocked as what you have bottles inside of you.