What should I know before traveling to Mexico?

Mexico is a country that attracts many tourists because of its southern influence and festivity. It has a changing landscape and breathtaking beaches and many places to visit in the regions. What are the best times to visit Mexico? How do I get around the country?

The best time to visit Mexico

To visit Mexico, all periods are favorable depending on the climate of the region you choose. If you choose to visit the north and the highlands, April, March and September are ideal. During the cool season, it is very cold, but summers are stormy and hot. Tourist tax Mexico also differs depending on when you travel in the country and which region you visit.

In the Yucat√°n or in the Gulf of Mexico, the winters are cloudy with some risk of rain. For hurricanes, the ideal month for them is October and September to not be bothered by rain. It is best to visit Mexico in December and November as well as in March and May.

The rest of the regions enjoy a temperate climate that remains constant almost all year round. During the rainy period in June and September, showers occur at night or at the end of the day. It is advisable to visit Mexico during these times. In spite of the climate, you must take into account the influx of tourists in order to have a peaceful vacation. In order to have a peaceful and serene time in Mexico, there are certain events that you should anticipate or avoid, such as The months of July and August, when there are a lot of tourists, Spring break in February and April, and Easter week.

Getting around the country

To get around Mexico, it would be best to use the bus. Most of the terminals are outside of the major cities and to get to the terminals you must take public transportation or a cab. The level of comfort depends on the fare.

First class buses are more comfortable and faster. They offer you everything you need for your trip, you have legroom, toilets, air conditioning and wifi with reclining seats. The ideal bus for night trips. The luxury bus is the most comfortable bus, you have a screen to yourself, very wide seats and that extend completely.

There are also less comfortable means of transportation such as second class buses and local buses called guajoloteros in Mexico. For a tour of a neighborhood, you can use minibuses and the route is on the windshield. All you have to do is wave to the driver and he will stop. Note that if these buses have to travel a long distance, they will wait until the bus is full before it takes off. To avoid any kind of inconvenience, you can choose to rent a car. The roads in Mexico are in very good condition and it is very easy to find your way around the region.